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Codec-Free Playback

LAV Filters is a video player by Hendrik Leppkes. The media freeware provides DirectShow filters for playing every standard video and audio file formats. Some of the compatible media formats are AAC, AC3, AVI, Matroska, MOV, MP4 and TrueHD. There is no need to install for extra codec pack or filter to play media files seamlessly. This freeware is based on the open-source FFmpeg multimedia libraries. It ensures that any media format are compatible with the software. It is also built with LAV Audio and Video Decoder, as well as LAV Splitter. The software also supports multimedia functions like advanced subtitle selection, AES-encrypted HLS streams, automatic multimedia synchronization, Blu-Ray discs & other media containers, customizable hardware acceleration, deinterlacing, multi-threading, and RTSP transport protocols for URLs.


  • DirectShow filters
  • Vast support for media features
  • A comprehensive selection of media options


  • Delay on playback with MP4
  • Delay on playback with MP4 May not be able to play some media formats
  • Slow seek issues

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LAV Filters


LAV Filters 0.74.1 for PC

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